Just being great isn't enough

I serve as a professional Website Designer with lots of skills and great experience. I act result-oriented and work with all my might to bring my customers' ideas to life. Check out my skills below.

Corporate and Professional Web Design

If you examine the features we offer as a Wix Web Design Specialist, you will have many reasons to choose us.

Wix Expert Support

  • Advanced Website

    I design a new site using your existing graphics and content on a new Wix site.

  • Website Guidance

    I provide guidance on the design and functionality of your Wix site.

  • Classic Website

    I can make a simple website with a theme specific to you and your industry.

  • Redesign Website

    I can prepare a new theme and design for your website.

  • Move Website

    I use your existing graphics and content on a new Wix site and design a new site.

  • Making Sectoral Ready Sites

    Let's prepare a special website theme and design for your industry. Improve your business.

  • Store Settings

    I set up your Wix store's shipping, tax and / or payment methods.

  • E-commerce site

    I set up the payment and shipping methods as well as the store uploads for up to 20 items.

  • Advanced Store Features

    I increase discoverability with special product pages, special menus and filters in your current store.

  • Store Optimization

    I create content, features, campaigns or promotions to increase sales.

  • Domain Name Setup

    Let's connect an external domain to your site or add a new one.

  • Private Email

    I create a private email and mailbox account for your business.

  • Site Updates

    I add new pages to your site, make minor changes, technical improvements or corrections.

  • Install Apps

    I add apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Reservations, Shop and Chat to your Wix site.

  • Mobile Site

    I optimize your site to look great on mobile devices and install a fast and convenient mobile version.

  • Ad Setup

    Advertise your website on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Email Marketing

    Receive private emails and newsletters to keep visitors coming back.

  • Google Analytics

    Link your site to Google Analytics to track conversions and customer behavior.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Upload a Facebook Pixel to your store.

  • SEO and Marketing

    Increase your site traffic by being listed in search engines.

  • Brand Development

    I create a corporate identity for your Wix site with brand story, analysis, logo, color palette and fonts.

  • Visual Content

    I add graphics, images, banners and videos to your site.

  • Written Content

    I post written product or service descriptions, blog posts, and more.

  • Custom Logo

    I prepare a stunning logo created for your brand.

  • Edit Images

    I support the customization and editing of your professional images.

  • Special Login Forms

    Create application forms, install sections, exams and more custom forms on your site.

  • Special Site Functions

    I define code tasks such as navigation, filtering, forms, and more specific to your site.

  • Content with Databases

    Manage your content with the database and show it on your website using dynamic pages and repeating layouts.

  • Special Design and Behavior

    I create special animations, rollover effects and transitions, and design a pleasant web visit.

  • Programming with Corvid

    I customize your site content with Corvid and create custom behavior and reactions.

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